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About Classic Tyres

My passion for vintage car restauration and building started with my father. We would often work together on his Ford A and we would drive to the local junkyards, looking for the spare parts we needed. My father built three Ford A cars from scratch, only using original spare parts, in his lifetime. This passion was passed down to me and my brother and I went to college to study machine engineering. During my time in college, my father and I founded a company where we made the spare parts we could not find. It was essential to us both to be true to the original drawings and designs. When my father retired, the company was passed down to me and it is important to me that the original vision and dna is preserved.

One of the core values we hold in Amercan Vintique is that vintage car lovers should be able to afford the spare parts needed for their car. To make sure general costs are kept as low as possible, we only use UPS Ground and having three storage facilities in America in addition to the European base, reduces shipping costs. We try to send the order on the same day, in effort to make the wait as short as possible. Included in your invoice will be the tracking number and confirmation that your order has been shipped, to make the process smoother. All our products are made in Europe which ensures the standard of quality, both in materials and production.

Thank you for your taking the time to read this. I hope to see you again and you are very welcome to share our story and company values with any likeminded vintage car enthusiasts. If you have any questions, suggestions or pictures of your car, I would be happy to hear from you.

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